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Re: Tor Exit Node Notice

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thus Alexandru Cezar spake:
| Hi Timo,
|> besides the routing stuff I saw that on the mentioned IP (see above)
|> there's a nice disclaimer-like website that impresses me. I'm still not
|> sure whether to pimp my node to be an exit node or not (due to the
|> supressing that happens here in Germany). However, this suits me well.
|> Is this a usual practice for TOR admins, and if yes, is there a
|> multilingual approach?
| I basically got it from
| https://tor-svn.freehaven.net/svn/tor/trunk/contrib/tor-exit-notice.html
| and slightly modified the template. Feel free to use it.

Thanks. :)

| I don't know of any multilingual approaches, but I guess it would be nice
| to have that.

I could provide a germany template soon, but I have to look up the
proper legal stuff (which is different in Germany). However, there's a
law here (Grundgesetz, Paragraph 13) which states that it *should* not
be too easy to enter your private rooms (flat, appartment, house,
whatever) without having *serious* reasons for doing so. I don't see how
running an exit node could endanger other persons lives (which is stated
as an example for being 'serious'). IANAL, though...


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| Alexandru

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