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Re: Re: My tor exit node is STILL gone from the node list

> >However, as I see, your problem's already fixed?
>      Actually, it was Alexandru reporting the problem, not I, but it's not
> obvious that it is fixed.  kyirong2 has been missing from the consensus
> for quite a few hours now.  I don't know whether that means he is trying
> different Xen tricks, is working with his ISP, or some other possibility
> that would leave his node down or unreachable for now.

I didn't change anything. The node is "up", eg. moria flags it as "Running",
but as you said it disappeared from the concensus again shortly after being
reported up. I can traceroute the main server (.106), but not the dom0 (.109).
I will contact my ISP now with that information.


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