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Re: Uzbl browser

Uzbl looks like a nice browser but I don't think it will be good for Tor
usage: anonymous surfing is not just a matter of enabling a proxy setting.
The user has to secure the code which arrives to his browser, either
turning javascript completely off or using TorButton "selective killing",
then he has to look for those html tags which could do nasty things like
opening side channels and when he thinks it's all over he should start
looking at which informations he send to the web server, in order to blend
in the crowd, either stripping them off or changing his settings
accordingly (like the user agent or the program's window size).

I admit, however, that perception of "good anonymity" is quite personal,
so I think it's ok if the user will surf with a new browser while being
conscious of the related problems, or, maybe, it will be cool if someone
will start developing TorButton features into other browsers as well ;-)


Marco Bonetti
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