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Re: VoIP telephony building like Tor

Matej Kovacic wrote:

Well, Zfone is not released under GPL licence. And only development
(test) version of it is free. Final version will be proprietary...

No, but twinkle is GPL and use ZRTP: http://www.twinklephone.com/
And it should work with Zfone.

Unfortunately, majority of SIP providers do not use even basic
encryption (user to SIP server) and it is very easy to wiretap VoIP calls.

I tried with Wireshark (on my phone) and it is only a matter of few
clicks - and you can listen to the entire VoIP conversation...

Yes, but this gives us a better chance to do it right: end-to-end encrytion.

we use twinkle on the Polippix live-CD.

Of course you will not be really anonymous because the recipient will recognize your voice (you can try to disguise it).

Using Twinkle with zrtp on a laptop with macchanger on a public wifi network seems to be the best alternative to TOR. Maybe TOR voip will be possible when TOR get UDP support.

Calling POTS is anonymously is difficult because of payment. But as prices go down it makes it possible that we all share one account financed by donations.