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Re: VoIP telephony building like Tor


> You might want to take a look at zfone and zrtp.  zfone is a free software 
> phone that originates zrtp, an encryption scheme about to be implemented into 
> a number of other free softphones (ekiga, for instance).  
Well, Zfone is not released under GPL licence. And only development
(test) version of it is free. Final version will be proprietary...

I also contacted developer of Ekiga about ZRTP protocol and he told me
they have a plan to implement ZRTP in Ekiga in the future, but they do
not have any time plan about it yet...

Unfortunately, majority of SIP providers do not use even basic
encryption (user to SIP server) and it is very easy to wiretap VoIP calls.

I tried with Wireshark (on my phone) and it is only a matter of few
clicks - and you can listen to the entire VoIP conversation...

bye, Matej