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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.10 released - testing and feedback requested!

>> Thunderbird can be run directly from a USB drive or
>> other removable media. You could probably download and extract it
>> directly within Tails so that as long as you keep all your email on
>> the server you don't need to leave a trace on the disk.
> Thanks. I realize that I could've done that, but a major reason I'm on
> this list is to understand the hows and whys behind the technology.

Yes, me too. Been quietly reading for many years now. Great way to

> And despite perusing the tor project website and its various links, I
> had missed that particular page on Tails, so I'm thankful that I was
> shown the pros and cons to Claws being included on Tails. I had also
> given up subscribing to Tails discussion list because the page I had
> found for it (Getting Started) didn't link to the archives, but I was
> prompted into looking again and found the page (Contribute).

I'm using Claws to write this (Claws, Linux, TBB), but also use both
Claws and Thunderbird via Tails. Different scenarios, different
solutions. I've also struggled with the Tails lists ... much simpler to
get information about Tails via this list.

> That and I much prefer to trust an encrypted disk with my email than a
> server owned by people I 'trust' comparatively more than other
> entities. Looking into Claws more, I've even begun to start
> experimenting with it. Still like Thunderbird + enigmail + TorBirdy
> (when it works) for the easy set-up amongst other reasons, but
> sometimes convenience isn't the best security. And yet security must
> be conveniently-accessible if more people are going to use it. I know
> I've enjoyed sharing Thunderbird + Enigmail with people who thought
> encryption was too hard; I can't wait to do the same with TorBirdy
> when its a bit more stable. So thank you to all the developers,
> testers, researchers etc. I only hope my few questions can be of
> value. :)

Seconded! Thanks to all the devs!

Understanding is the key to security, not convenience. That being said,
TorBirdy is both convenient and great. I'm not sure that's it's ready
for primetime yet, but I do try to test and feed back (using another
nym ...) and definitely see the value.

> And thank you Katya for sharing Tbird's nature as a portable app.
> Perhaps there is someone lurking on the list who was unaware and who
> would be helped by this discussion.

I must admit it wasn't obvious to me until a few years ago when I was
actively look for the portable Linux version and thought "wait, I
download, specify the profile directory, and run - it *is* portable."
Obvious when you see it ...
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