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Re: [tor-talk] How intensely do you use Tor?

I utilize Tor for a lot of my connections, but having said that, it's
easier to list the instances when I don't use Tor.

I do a lot of network-related development at work. Using Tor would skew my
analytics, and so I avoid it when programming at work.

I travel a lot and don't use Tor to create my itineraries or buy my tickets.

I don't use Tor for banking on the off-chance my account were to be frozen
while far from home.

I don't use Tor while gaming or torrenting because of the heavy strain it
could put on the network, and also because Flash is blocked by default. (I
don't use Tor with YouTube for this reason but also because my home base is
in a place where death squads won't be dispatched in response to my

I don't use Tor with Gmail, because Google blocks connections nearly 100%
of the time.

I *do* use Tor when I want my privacy to be protected, but not when other
factors outweigh it's ability to maintain my anonymity.

hope this helps,
Griffin Boyce
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