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Re: [tor-talk] Speculation: Next 10 years of Tor?

anonymous coward:
> I am confident, Tor will still be available in 10 years, because we
> need it. Many governments want to ban anonymity including western 
> governments. But it is hard technically to ban anonymizers. Look
> at China what effort they take to prohibit free access to the net
> and they could never succeed to 100%.

China doesn't succeed to 100%, but that's not much of a win. Look how
many users used the Tor network before any Tor-network censorships and
how many people figure out using bridges. The goal of preventing many
people from gaining that information and slowing down the flow of
information works very well for them.

Don't forget the assumption behind Tor: there are enough free
countries, which tolerate volunteers hosting Tor servers. If that
assumption breaks down, Onion Routing doesn't work.

Also keep in mind, that there are no Tor servers in China. When the US
starts banning Tor, it will be almost the end of the Tor network. The
core developers live in the US, when they get told, to take another
job, it will be difficult to find new developers. Without Tor servers
in the US and a few other countries with a noticeable amount of Tor
servers, there is usable Tor network anymore.
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