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Re: [tor-talk] Using Mumble with Tor

anonymous coward:
> I do not know Mumble very well, does the data traffic go through the
> Mumble server or is the server only needed to bring the clients together?

The server mixes the voices, so the server can log all voices, if
wanted. - If one owns the server and its only two people communicating
with each other, this is a non-issue. Otherwise depending on ones threat

> Another thing, many XMPP/Jabber clients have OTR, can OTR encrypt voice
> data too?

There is no such thing such as OTR for voice, video or files.

So it won't have such great features as OTR. No deniability, not sure
about Perfect forward secrecy, and I don't know if such features are
possible for such kind of data anyway.. Still, real encryption (=not
Skype) is better than no encryption.

As alternative, there is also ZRTP for voip encryption.

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