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Re: [tor-talk] Using Mumble with Tor

Andrew F:
> I thought Mumble data packets were encrypted to the server and back out to
> the other participants.
> If so, they would have to decrypt the packets first to get your voice for
> matching.


> Are the mumble data packets not encrypted?

They are encrypted from and to the server. The server knows all voices
and mixes them. Therefore its better when the server runs in a secure
place, its not end-to-end encryption, no client to client encryption.

> Unless you are referring to somone logging in
> to a chat room and recording the voices from there?

Yes, that was the point.

You can use mumble to talk to people you already know and trust. But you
can't talk to strangers, reveal your voice and think thats really secure
because of Tor.
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