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Re: [tor-talk] NSA, Tempora, PRISM And Company always know who is behind Tor?

On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 03:43:55PM -0400, Nathan Suchy wrote:
> The NSA cannot always know who is behind Tor. This is due to the fast that

Tor is not designed to resist a global passive adversary.

> tor uses a circut guard - middle - exit and unless the NSA can get access
> to the guard's isp, the middle's isp, and the exit's isp which more than

The Internet topology is mostly a tree. Tapping the fiber at a few chokepoints
(e.g. 5 for Germany) is sufficient to access the bulk of traffic.
At a higher level, tapping the undersea fiber allows you to selectively
filter out a subset of interesting traffic, including ability to 
intercept and store a subset of that subset entirely.

We do know that sigint is shared across jurisdictions as part of
extensive, informal intelligence collaboration.

Use Tor, but don't trust your life with it.

> one of them may be in a country that hates the US they can't see what your
> doing and prove it was you. Also even if you had a .pcap of each networks
> traffic it would be very difficult to put the information back together.

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