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Re: [tor-talk] Phones for Tor

> no mention whether they distribute the whole source of their product

Download and see. Doubt anything from Microsoft or the phone
drivers are in there.

> Care to point me out to a link? There isn't anything on their web site that
> I could see, offering Android-based unit.

Yes there is, front page, CP500: Samsung Galaxy S3, $2400EUR.

The humanity excluding price alone is why the open[source]
community should see just what is being done there and try
routing around and reimplementing it, for free, as in beer.

> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/03/07/baseband_processor_mobile_hack_threat

Ok... serial AT modem bus to firmware processor[s] using shared
memory with kernel/user space, got it.

> discarding Jolla for the time being

Watching them to see... if they are able to open the phone's telephony
drivers from the part suppliers that will be large news.

> Linux on my phone [...] Android is the next "acceptable" option

Android is Linux kernel (ported), whether the wrapping on top of it
after that is Android, Ubuntu or bash is just a matter of time.

>> As in my former note, all we really want is opensource voice/SMS
>> encryption over the cell network, preferably without a data plan
>> (but not required).
>> Because cell's coverage area is better than wifi (which we can
>> already use for crypted wifi to wifi with any old app of the day,
>> (provided access to the mic and speaker) but not to interoperate
>> with cell, see the former data plan for that).

> Secure communications could be accomplished with existing tools/protocols
> (zrtp/ssl for media, tls for signalling) and there is a plethora of
> Android-based apps already offering that - OSTel/CSipSimple to mention just
> two such apps, so I don't really see any benefit of Cryptophone at all.
> ...
> Can't you accomplish this with existing "standard" Linux tools? I could
> think of a number of packages in Linux, which deal with disk encryption and
> are quite good for example.

Again, people can do all that with some app over wifi, and other apps on the
phone's FS. But what privacy conscious people like those on this list would
also want is the above described voice/SMS encryption over the cell network.
Entirely different.
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