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Re: [tor-talk] evidence that Tor isn't "amoral"?

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 2:06 PM, Nick Econopouly
<nickeconopouly@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also, yeah amoral pretty much means 'without morals', which is exactly
> what tor is. or 'without imposing morals'

Quite interesting.  After reading the replies in this thread, I now
agree that the true definition of amoral is a good description of Tor.
As an exit node operator, I do think of myself as being an impartial
conduit for Internet traffic.

I personally believe Tor does more good than harm by allowing people
in repressive regimes access to information.  I  realize I can't
control what people choose to do with that access - I can only to
provide the means to use the Internet freely.

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