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Re: [tor-talk] OnionBalance Hidden Service has over 1 million successful hits in just 3 days

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Here are the latest counts for the OnionBalace hidden service
http://eujuuws2nacz4xw4.onion/ :

Failback instance #1: 2329348
Failback instance #2: 1822384
Failback instance #3: 2025677
Failback instance #4: 2109677
Failback instance #5: 2202052
*TOTAL: 10489138*

Uptime is ~2 weeks. We have passed the 10 million threshold, not bad,
especially for a ~2 week period of time. Logs are here:

Each failback instance had 2 introduction points in the master

Thanks to everyone who contributed in this! Please stop the automated
scripts which connect to this hidden service now. I am temporarily
shutting it down for 1 or 2 days, in order to install a script which
will collect rendezvous circuit statistics on each failback instance.
We need this info since we can't say how many clients or circuits made
the 10 million successful hits from above.

In the next part of the test we will make sure we use a separate
rendezvous circuit for each request, using a modified third party
script with -tor-auto-isolate. This is extremely high load on the
network and it's VERY RUDE to do it in the wild with Guards (also
responsible for other users traffic). For this reason, I have asked
TheCthulhu for a high end server where I've setup a non-public bridge
to be used for this. This way, at least we won't be hammering on
Guards. I want to run it for shorter period of time (max. 72 hours),
but at 'full speed'.

Who is interested and able to help, please email me directly and I'll
provide the necessary tools and info.

Results and logs will be made public immediately after. I want to see
how many different rendezvous circuits can be created with a hidden
service (failback instance) if it has only 2 introduction points in
the master descriptor and how many such circuits will each server
take. It might be helpful for deciding related to prop 224 (next
generation hidden services) - merging HSDirs and IPs - how many of
them should a hidden service have by default.

On 7/8/2015 5:07 PM, Thomas White wrote:
> Just to expand on s7r's number, I just pulled the latest logs from
> the servers and compiled a quick breakdown of the HTTP codes,
> bandwidth etc for anyone interested:
> HTTP Code: 200 (OK) Bandwidth used (bytes): 690,400,220,422 Hits:
> 4,784,288
> HTTP Code: 206 (Partial Content) Bandwidth used (bytes): 5,202,918 
> Hits: 64
> HTTP Code: 304 (Not Modified) Bandwidth used (bytes): 52,059 Hits:
> 259
> HTTP Code: 404 (Not Found) Bandwidth used (bytes): 266,053 Hits:
> 611
> HTTP Code: 403 (Forbidden) Bandwidth used (bytes): 2,908 Hits: 7
> HTTP Code: 408 (Request Timeout) Bandwidth used (bytes): 0 Hits:
> 5,442
> Total bandwidth usage (bytes): 690,405,744,360 (690 GB)
> Total hits: 4,790,671
> Not bad for a few days work guys!
> T
> On 08/07/2015 03:00, s7r wrote:
>> *Numbers look good: Over 4 million hits in 7 days.*
>> I want again to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU to
>> everyone who is contributing and stress testing. 4 million
>> requests tell me people are putting quite some effort into it.
>> Please continue to stress test as much as you can in the next
>> days. After I collect some rendezvous circuit stats also, we will
>> stop the test - don't want to overkill the network, prefer to
>> leave more bandwidth capacity for users.
>> I was waiting to have some rendezvous circuit statistics as
>> well, to compare them with the hits on the webserver and have an
>> overview on the circuits stats and average number of requests per
>> circuit. Hopefully this will happen in the next days. Since you
>> asked, here are the exact numbers now.
>> The service was started 1st July 2015. Here are the counts
>> today, 8th July (little over 7 days of uptime):
>> Failback instance #1: 956281 Failback instance #2: 732187
>> Failback instance #3: 837818 Failback instance #4: 768636
>> Failback instance #5: 911546 ============================= TOTAL:
>> 4206468
>> There are no significant warnings or errors - the same instances 
>> are running since service first started, no reboot or
>> application restart. I am happy with how it works. As you can see
>> we have *over 4 million hits*. The number of requests per
>> failback instance confirms the load is fairly spread.
>> Hidden service http://eujuuws2nacz4xw4.onion/ up and strong!
>> On 7/8/2015 1:48 AM, tqr2813d376cjozqap1l@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>> 4. Jul 2015 22:57 by s7r@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:s7r@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> After little over 3 days of uptime, the OnionBalance hidden 
>>> service http://eujuuws2nacz4xw4.onion 
>>> <http://eujuuws2nacz4xw4.onion/> was successfully accessed over
>>> 1 Million times. There was no complaint in any of the running
>>> Tor instance s.
>>> Hey s7r, things still looking OK? How are the numbers now?
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