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Re: [tor-talk] Historically speaking, what was the U.S. navy /military

On 7/30/15, Alexandre Guillioud <guillioud.alexandre@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Guy, this could be reversed.
> Tor has limitations ? Make a pretty infographics on the subject and move
> on.
> It's not by using these kind of "epistomologique" principle that you'll
> educate the mass.
> My point is you are putting your head into the oven by doing what you do :
> you don't want to teach, you want to impress with pretty words.
> My question was, what do you mean by controlled opposition ?
> Answer you gived me was "there is no proof but you know, i'm sure they are
> doing it ! Follow me, trust me, i said it".

Easy words definitely +1.

My take on 'controlled opposition' is that TOR effectively collects
most/ many of the "Snowden's" of the world who might be considered
"USA opposition". By collecting them onto one network, the "important
targets", although mixed with not important targets, are collected
into one technology and therefore much easier to identify - correlate
TOR users with ISP sign up accounts.

Years ago a friend coined the term the FOG - the False Oppositional
Group. In many cases of community issues here in Australia, one or two
people "offer" to "lead" a committee to "fix the community problem",
and we have seen time after time, these self-proclaimed leaders get
the large initial group on a tread mill of ineffective tasks and
activities - like writing letters to parliament, like walking down the
main street of their local town, like ringing the radio station, and
endless more tasks which achieve absolutely nothing.

This FOG committee then also belittles ideas which might have traction
(e.g. class action lawsuit, civil disobedience) telling their group
"oh that can't work" and similar. Over time, the people in the
community who are active (but ineffective direction activity set by
"saviour" committee) initially, die away (leave the group, stop
participating), since no progress is ever made.

This is extremely effective tactic by e.g. developers who want to
develop seaside foreshore multi billion $ developments, significantly
blocking the surrounding property owner's significant sea views. In
three years, 500 people is reduced to about 5 "hard core" genuine
people, by the 5 "False Oppositional Group" committee members. More
details available but already probably too much.
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