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Re: [tor-talk] Historically speaking, what was the U.S. navy /military

On 7/30/15, Alexandre Guillioud <guillioud.alexandre@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To Zenaan :
> I havn't enough grasp on english language (i have a hell of time to debunk
> sarcastics comment in my own language, let alone english) to determine if
> you are backing me or are pushing me into the cliff.

Don't sweat on it - the cliff might be better/ more comfort, than
knowing more :)

Some things in onion web bring tears. Some things our governments do
bring tears. The world is sometimes a harsh place.

> Anyway, I back you on your description of the situation. A few 'genuine
> members' (everyone in here is tor dev ?) are slowing down tor development,
> by making the possibility of a move out of sight.

I described Juan's terminology, my interpretation anyway.

> Friend ! \o/
> Isn't out there tor forks with enough peers ?

Search e.g. GnuNET, I2P, etc - these are different software stacks,
not forks of TOR stack. TOR fork might not make sense - one of the
security benefits is the large number of people using TOR - then you
become a "needle in the haystack". Same for other networks, more or

The centralized parts of TOR need to be (at least partially)
decentralised, at least for scalability - TOR currently will fall over
if most of Internet tries to use it on one day. So if you are a
programmer have a go - you will be welcomed.

If you trust TOR devs (and centralised TOR network parts) as
"benevolent dictators", then theory says TOR network can be more
secure. Personal opinion's on actual security of a particular web
surfing activity in current actual TOR network, are probably only
relevant to the individual who owns the said opinion :)

I suggest that you try to avoid "are you for me, or against me" - it
is not useful. Sharing ideas is useful. Highlighting blind trust is
useful, highlighting unseen assumptions, and unseen facts (thank you
Juan!) are useful activities. Assisting each other's understanding,
even if we differ in opinions on small things (all things are small ;)
 is more important than saying we do or do not oppose one another.

Juan rowed a tough road for some time - he kept highlighting the USA
government funding at the core of TOR, and highlighted assumptions
some of us made. Some people take his brash manner as though it is
oppositional - yes it is oppositional to institutionalised human
killing, as so we all should be, and his language is sometimes harsh;
but for me, if I actually had need for some level of genuine privacy
and/ or anonymity when using TOR and my mind be sleepy, then Juan's
voice is very much needed by me and my sleepy mind! Juan says "wake
up!" and he also often adds "you fool!" - ignore the second part and
you will enjoy most people :)

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