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[tor-talk] TBB image cache bug?

Anyone else seeing this?:
For a couple weeks now, with sites like gizmag.com, but also others,
TBB seems to mix up some of the images, where Firefox does not.

Eg http://www.gizmag.com/bionicon-e-ram/38687/

Right now for me contains a side image with this caption:
"Age-related macular degeneration patient receives bionic eye transplant"
and the image in TBB is a mountain bike, and the image in FF is an
elderly man wearing funky glasses.

Happens on TBB 4.5.3 and on 4.5.2.

Could be in the networking code - I saw a slashdork page with an image
at the very end of the page - after the normal web site/page bottom,
which was from russia-insider.com, stuck to the very bottom left of
the page after all else.

Willing and capable to run more tests if needed.

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