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Re: [tor-talk] FBI cracked Tor security

> However, if one's mum is willing to invest the time, they'll more than
likely install the system successfully.

Jon,If Haroon's simplification were to make sense to an audience of people who 
aren't UX experts, it would be trivial to understand the constraints.  For 
example, if I say, "explain like I'm five" and my audience uses simple sentence 
structure and/or pithy metaphors, then I was understood.  If instead they talk in a 
condescending tone and try to persuade me not to throw a tantrum, I wasn't 

At the very least, the question, "can my mum use this software?" has the 
constraint that "mum" is immutable-- her skills are what they are, 
and her time is limited.  The upshot is that the software, on the other hand, 
is mutable.  We love "mum" and want her to use our software.  If we imagine 
she isn't able to use it then it's the software that should change to correct that.  

And here we have a respondent who does a complete 180 on the constraints.  
Claiming that "mum" just needs to "invest the time" is to do exactly 
the opposite of what Haroon was implying.  Now it's not the software that 
should change, but "mum's" priorities!
So please show this thread to Haroon as a hopefully final nail in the coffin 
of the "design-for-that-poor-little-older-or-younger-lady-that-you-love" 
trope.  The intended audience clearly _not_ understand it. 
But unlike everyone else who keeps repeating that trope, I have complete 
faith that a UX expert will know what to do when faced with this data.
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