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Re: [tor-talk] FBI cracked Tor security

Hello , i have exposed some pedofiles (i helped friends trace em) and in my experience pedofiles doesnt have much security, in 4/5cases i got them to go in to a website i owned and they did that and i loged ip hostname etc and only one use a vpn, anyhow like alot of ppl is saying the server must been hacked by them

Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: (22 juli 2016 17:35:50 CEST)
>> However, if one's mum is willing to invest the time, they'll more
>likely install the system successfully.
>Jon,If Haroon's simplification were to make sense to an audience of
>people who 
>aren't UX experts, it would be trivial to understand the constraints. 
>example, if I say, "explain like I'm five" and my audience uses simple
>structure and/or pithy metaphors, then I was understood.  If instead
>they talk in a 
>condescending tone and try to persuade me not to throw a tantrum, I
>At the very least, the question, "can my mum use this software?" has
>constraint that "mum" is immutable-- her skills are what they are, 
>and her time is limited.  The upshot is that the software, on the other
>is mutable.  We love "mum" and want her to use our software.  If we
>she isn't able to use it then it's the software that should change to
>correct that.  
>And here we have a respondent who does a complete 180 on the
>Claiming that "mum" just needs to "invest the time" is to do exactly 
>the opposite of what Haroon was implying.  Now it's not the software
>should change, but "mum's" priorities!
>So please show this thread to Haroon as a hopefully final nail in the
>of the
>trope.  The intended audience clearly _not_ understand it. 
>But unlike everyone else who keeps repeating that trope, I have
>faith that a UX expert will know what to do when faced with this data.
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Sincerly Flipchan
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