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Re: [tor-talk] webmail send while using TOR is tagged as spamends up in spam

I have the feeling i will get more reply's on this topic then i can handle

I want to run my own mailbox, and i could do that, BUT it's not for everyone.

Privacy SHOULD BE for everyone. not only for:

-The tech minded people who know how to figure it out.
-Criminals who pay someone to figure it out.
-Politicians who use OUR TAXMONEY to set up THEIR privacy, then add more TAX MONEY to spy ON US!

but the tax payer is left naked on the street and will be sued for walking naked on the street.

I'm sure everyone on this list knows this political principle already, 

But once it is simple enough for EVERYONE to have basic privacy then everyone has a fighting chance.

And the TOR project provides SOME of that, where the governments FAIL to provide ANY OF THAT. 

So thanks to all onions in the world!   now lets FART!!!

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I'm surprised more people don't run their own mail. Using something like mailinabox (https://github.com/mail-in-a-box/mailinabox) wonder how hard it would be to fork it and create a version that is configured to use Tor / not leak DNS / etcetera. 
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