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Re: [tor-talk] US Only Exit Nodes

On 2020-07-08 at 10:04 +0200, Öyvind Sæther wrote:
> I know I could/should search for this but I'd like you guys to do my
> homework.

It would be preferable if you attempted to do that yourself before
asking hundreds of people.

It would have been quicker, too.

> What, if anything, would I need in a torrc to only get US (or non-EU)
> exit nodes?

A quick internet search leads you to ExitNodes and ExcludeExitNodes

See for instance this simple tutorial:

> A very large amount of US media sites show a "This site is unavailable
> to visitors from the European Economic Area" message when a EU based
> exit node is used and I get that a lot.

Do remember that there are hundreds of countries different than the US
and not in the European Union.
(also note that the "European Economic Area" does not exist with that
name since the foundation of the European Union, in 1993).

> This isn't done to break Tor, obviously. Why so many US based media
> companies are intentionally breaking their sites if a EU based IP is
> used is obviously a good question.

They do not want to subject themselves to the General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR). I am surprised you didn't found that in their block

> Anyway, please do my homework. Thanks.

Please send back appropriate compensation for doing your homework.

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