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trans-proxy-tor and FreeBSD

Does anybody on this list know where I could
find the creator(s) of trans-proxy-tor?

I'm trying to get it to work with FreeBSD 6.1 and PF,
and thought I could use the same settings as OpenBSD
does. Unfortunately I can't:

fk@TP51 ~/downloads/trans-proxy-tor-0.0.7 $sudo \
./trans-proxy-tor -b lo:1112 -s -v debug -f
Test connection succeeded to SOCKS4 server at
Proxy listening on
Accepting connection from
_get_original_destination() failed at ./trans-proxy-tor line 238.

It's prematurely returning from _get_original_destination_pf in
line 167 because "ioctl $Pf, DIOCNATLOOK, $packed_pnl" didn't
satisfy defined(). I'd appreciate any ideas where to dig next.

BTW: Does anybody know whether trans-proxy-tor requires
support for INET6 in kernel and userland? I'm not using
INET6 and had to create
from /usr/src instead of /usr/include and although
I no longer get complaints from trans-proxy-tor, I'm
not sure if that really was enough.


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