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Torpark pre-release

Fellow Torrorists,

I  am  preparing to release the next version of Torpark. It is faster,
more  robust,  with  more options, and new features. Included are some
new extensions.

Firefox  and  tor  modules  have been updated, the Live IP address bar
updates  every  1  minutes,  and you can turn on/off tor thanks to the
torbutton extension.

The directory structure has been changed to match Portable Apps suite,
so  now you can replace Portable Firefox if you so desire. In the full
release  there  will  be an extension available that causes Torpark to
use Portable Thunderbird as the mail handler, and vice versa.

Don't  forget  to  raise your glass to Roger Dingledine for letting me
steal  a  few megs of space and bandwidth to host this preview, as the
university  has  gotten wise and keeps me from being able to expand my
disk usage.

Any bugs, questions, or comment are welcome.

Steve Topletz

Download Torpark english pre-release here: