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Torpark official release


The  latest  Torpark  is  ready.  Here  is an unofficial and
abridged changelog:

- Tor ; Firefox
- Torbutton included to allow torpark to operate simply as Firefox.
- Torpark now uses the Portable Apps directory structure, which means
  you can seamlessly replace Portable Firefox.
- Included optional Torpark/Portable Thunderbird extension for interoperability
- New Torpark search page default, includes privacy feeds and scroogle scraped output.
- IP status bar extension updates every 1 minute
- EVERY LANGUAGE NOW INCLUDED, so there is only one version. To change
  languages simply unpack Apps\Torpark\lang\yourlang.zip to Apps\Torpark. Default is
  english, as America seems to be the new Roman Empire.
- Smarter handling of Tor circuit launches, greater redundancy
- Fixed bug of closing too fast which could leave files behind.
- Increased timeout length from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
- Increased support in sourcecode for changing directory structures
- Enhanced splash screen for good luck.

Mirrors, please update with this file (only one needed):


Source code available here:


Special  thanks  to Roger Dingledine for these latest versions of tor,
which seem to have greatly improved Torpark launches.

Steve Topletz