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Re: OSX: Vidilia (Does not recognize that tor is already running)


phobos@xxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
> On Sat, Jun 17, 2006 at 03:55:45PM +0200, numE@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.5K bytes in 20 lines about:
> : i just updated to the latest version of tor including vidilia.
> : unfortunately i cant use vidilia, as vidilia does not recognize that tor
> : is already running (/Library/StartupItems/Tor/tor <- put there by the
> : older versions).
> Vidalia seems to assume that the local user is running
> Tor and that Vidalia has full control of Tor.  This works well on
> Windows, but not unix-like OSes (osx/linux/unix) where Tor is installed
> as a separate user and provides ControlPort access via a tcp port.
> I'm open to changing the installer, but I'd prefer Vidalia to check for
> existing port 9051 (or whatever port is configured) first.

Nah - would be a better solution if Vidalia would check for a running
tor version.

> Perhaps the Vidalia people will respond.
Hopefully - or should we open a ticket somewhere?

b.t.w rootme.org is a very nice domain.
would be perfect for a open jabber server ;)