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Re: [ANNOUNCE] ROCKate Tor LiveCD V0.4.0.0

On 6/21/07, Benjamin Schieder <blindcoder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
... Although, I never used truecrypt. As for now
I use cryptsetup-luks to set up encryption.

you may want to consider loop-aes instead. [0]  i'll try to avoid a
flame war here, but dm-crypt/luks has some deficiencies [1] which may
or may not be of concern.  if you do use dm-crypt/luks, make sure you
have a recent version. (pref. 2.6.20+).

truecrypt is free and open, and pretty decent, particularly if you
want win32 support.

best regards,

0. key management is usually more difficult for loop-aes and the keys
(multi-v3) are also larger.  that said, the key schedule and key
scrubbing in loop-aes are preferable to the others IMHO.

1. cryptoloop, dm-crypt, bestcrypt, truecrypt, and loop-aes  - Why
cryptoloop should not be used.