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Re: How are hackers breaking Tor and trojan users?

Yes, it can be done.

If the talk is accepted at DefCon, it will be demonstrated live.

MadAtTorHackers wrote:
I read that hackers are breaking Tor and turning into a trojan/rootkit?  Is
this possible?  How can they do this?

In post: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showpost.php?p=1257878&postcount=722
says XeroBank:

* I saw something about a Tor exploit talk being planned for Defcon. I'll
assume that's where the s%*t is scheduled to hit the fan? *
The one scheduled so far isn't going to be anything I don't think. I have
serious doubts, considering the wording. Ours, if accepted, will truly
unmask tor users and turn tor into a trojan/rootkit.

Is this XeroBank spreading fear to Tor without cause?  Or did hackers break
Tor and create it a Trojan / Rootkit?

I see also JanusVM developer are working for XeroBank:

Is JanusVM not being maintained because of XeroBank taking over?  It is dead
since 2007.  They say download removed for Debian, but keep donations
request and link to current Oct-19-2007:

How can Tor become Trojan / Rootkit, this seems not possible?  How are
hackers allowed to break user computers and not be illegal?  Why is JanusVM
working for XeroBank?  Is there a safe Tor Virtual Machine to use?

I have many questions.  Thank you!