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Re: How are hackers breaking Tor and trojan users?

Phobos, et al,

> I don't see what Xerobank could
gain from devaluing the software they rely upon for their product.

Exactly. This is hopefully going to make tor stronger and raise
awareness about proper implementation regarding the OSI model.
Unfortunately it pushes most tor-related software into security
obsolescence, including one of our own, through the revelation
that you are fighting a losing battle. It doesn't mean some
can't be salvaged in some incarnation, but it will show that tor
can be turned into a massive liability when you aren't using
sound implementation. So there is a way to "win", and it doesn't
involve defending at layer 4/5/6/7. Those days are over, as soon
as your realize you can stop the effects of 0-days altogether.

So which software/combinations does this issue affect? pretty
much all of them. What would I suggest to do to keep from getting
punked out? Use janusvm or xb machine to access tor. And these
softwares will also keep you safe from that theoretical
vulnerability the other dc talk is supposed to be about. Why?
Because proper implementation removes the attack landscape for
0-day attacks.

For all I know, they put a banana peel on the
floor for Roger to slip on.

It's one hell of a banana, but it's one banana from an infinite
bunch. The particular banana is interesting, but the point is
that you need to change the way your shoes interact with the
floor. And to answer your question without analogy, it works.
Not just on a theoretical level on a research network, but on
the real live tor network, as is, right now.

Want to hear more and see it live? Write to the defcon folks and
tell them you want to go to the talk.

I've got the strangest desire to go eat some bananas.