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Re: Getting a realy to work behind firewall and NAPT

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 02:54:44AM +0200, Tomas@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.4K bytes in 40 lines about:
: [Router]--WiFi--[Laptop]--crossover cable--[Desktop (with Tor)]
:     |
:     |--------cable----[Web server]

Is it safe to assume the desktop doesn't have wifi, and that's why you
have the laptop acting as a bridge from wifi to ethernet?

Or, why not just plug the desktop directly into the router?

Can you connect to the orport and dirport on the desktop from the

: The desktop is running Windows XP by the way. Tor version
: (latest dev crashed).

This is interesting.  Which dev crashed, the -rc or the -alpha?