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Re: [tor-talk] announcing releases

On 4/17/11 6:23 AM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Maybe we should stop
> the tor-talk mails entirely?

Is the tor-announce address[1] not being used anymore? I have not
received announcements there for ages.

It would make sense to me to have both new source code and new
binaries/packages announced on that list (or on another list which sole
function is announcements), as they become available.
Whoever uploads the new source or binary, sends an e-mail to that list
the moment they do that.

Each user can keep an eye on that list and decide for themselves: Do I
grab the new source and compile, wait for the binary announcement and do
nothing for now, wait for the binary announcement and shut down the node
in the mean time etc.


[1] tor-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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