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Re: [tor-talk] announcing releases

On 6/15/11 9:24 PM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> That's where we announce new stable releases. We haven't made a new
> stable release since in February of 2011.

Thank you. That makes sense then. I did receive that announcement.

> We also use it for security advisories. Last I checked the list had >10k
> people on it, so I don't want to spam them too much. The current goal
> is that every mail to the list is something every list member should read.

Ok, I understand. No betas or individual binaries on that list then. But
how about he idea of announcing all sources, including beta, Ãnd all
individual binaries on this list as they become available? The
announcemtns could have a fixed subject line format so people can just
filter them to a folder, or even throw out any announcements that they
do not care for because they use a different operating system or don't
care for betas etc.

something like this maybe?	
[tor-talk] announcement - source/binary - OS - alpha/beta/stable
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