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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: Accessing remote host SSH...

krishna e bera writes:

> On 13-06-04 05:01 PM, Kai Childheart wrote:
> > How to I sftp to my server to update my Hidden Service? O.o
> Set up an additional hidden service on the same machine to accept sftp
> connections:
> Make opensshd listen *only* on port 22  (not
> and be sure to enable its sftp option.
> Then as it says at
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-hidden-service.html.en
> add a line to your torrc file
>    HiddenServicePort 22

I think this advice is about what you need to do on the server in
order to cause the hidden server to accept the SFTP connections.
This answer is right, but I understood the question differently --
I thought the question was what to do on the client in order to
allow the client to connect to the hidden service.

One way to do this would be to configure your SFTP client software
to access the Internet via a SOCKS proxy.  While Tor is running, it
creates a local SOCKS proxy that other applications can use to access
Internet services -- including both Tor exits and hidden services.

Your SOCKS proxy is likely to exist on localhost, port 9050, so you
can configure other software to use this if it understands SOCKS.

This is alluded to in step two of


(the instructions in this step aren't Windows-specific in any way).

This technique has been discouraged by the Tor developers over time
in favor of using specially modified software (like Tor Browser)
because unmodified software used over Tor might allow leaks that
compromise the user's anonymity.  It can still work, but be aware
that software not specifically designed to work with Tor might leak
data over the ordinary Internet that reveals some information about
the user's location or the destination of the user's communications.

Actually, a lot of this information is also scattered throughout


including the information about how to configure FileZilla to use
a SOCKS proxy to access hidden services. :-)

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