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Re: [tor-talk] VPN

>> I subscribe to a vpn service, can tor run with this service on, or should I not
>> get tor, or what?
> Yes, Tor will connect through the VPN service. Your ISP will see that
> you're using the VPN service, but won't see Tor connections. The Tor
> network will see your VPN service gateway instead of your ISP assigned
> IP address. Tor provides far better anonymity than VPN services do.

Similarly... there's generally not much use for tor-over-vpn unless
local access to tor is blocked but to your vpn is not, your local use
of tor is somehow frowned upon where vpn is not, or you want
more/selectable exits than your vpn offers (just use tor).
Vpn-over-tor will get you inbound binding capability, and
access to services that block tor exits but not vpn exits (just
use vpn).
Vpn usually requires non-anonymous payments.
Tor alone is more 'anonymous' than vpn alone.
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