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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy doesn't work with Gmail?

> I probably lack some context here, but you may also want to look into
> Onionoo instead of blutmagie which is currently unmaintained:

Ditto on the suggestion of not using the old 'torstatus' screens
as afaik there are only two of them running and I'm not so sure
either of them have up to date GeoIP data or Tor versions.

'torstatus' is kindof a deprecated project. It would be nice to see
more 'Atlas/Compass/Onionoo' deployed then. And the browser
side is lighter weight too instead of being slammed with a huge
detailed table upon first page load.


Gmail might even setup and scrape their own node.

> 2) You should ensure you can reliably pass ID verification, and, never
> abandon it!
> The easiest way to do (2) is to set up 2-step verification

Or presumable have access to your 'secret answer' for such 'ID verif'.

> I'm not sure if 2SV can be set up without a backup phone these
days. Hopefully it can be.

I don't believe gmail account can be created via Tor these days.
Whether it can (or not), I don't think people would mind running
GA as 2SV (if they were up against simple keystroke monitoring,
for which OTP is valid defense). It's handy, open, independant,
and very low cost, even on systems you use or admin, such as
at work.

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