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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha1 test builds

On 15.06.2013 05:50, Mike Perry wrote:
> Can anyone else reproduce this? I am not able to. I've been using
> various versions of the en_US bundles for about a month now just fine,
> including the "official" ones I linked to in the parent post.
> Are you sure you're not overwriting an old copy with pref damage or
> something?

I tried both. Many people *will* overwrite their old TBB, so even then
it should work. We get A LOT of support tickets from people that
overwrite their old directory. You told everyone a while ago that "in
the future you can safely upgrade TBB by overwriting". :)

>> Windows/NSIS:
>> 1. I pushed a new update that gets rid of the generic "Welcome" page.
>> Should have done this long ago. Sorry.
>> 2. My script should use an onion icon for the installer executable.
> Ok, also when you're satisfied, can you tag a release and sign that tag?

Oh. 2. was actually meant to be a question, disguised as a statement. I
wonder why your installer binaries do not have the icon. They should.

>> Some dialogs cut off text, for example the (quite prominent) "Connecting
>> to the Tor network" dialog.

Moritz Bartl
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