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[tor-talk] Standalone flash proxy

In January, when the alpha pluggable transport bundles were first released, 
a short discussion ensued about running a flash proxy from the command line.


I wrote a little wrapper to provide just that, a headless flash proxy.

It requires node.js >= v0.8.x,

    > sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

To install and run,

    > npm install -g flashproxy  # adds the flashproxy bin to your path
    > flashproxy

Or you can,

    > git clone -b nodejs https://github.com/arlolra/flashproxy.git
    > cd flashproxy/proxy
    > npm install
    > npm start

I'm looking for testers.

Most of the time the facilitatory won't return any clients.
That's expected.

Feedback appreciated.


P.S. I posted to tor-dev yesterday but didn't get much response.
Thought I'd try here as well. Sorry if you're reading this twice.

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