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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha1 test builds

On 2013-06-15 04:39, Mike Perry wrote:
> The new TBB 3.0 series is almost ready for its first alpha release!
> Please try these out, test them, and give us feedback! The plan is to
> post them on the blog by Monday, unless something goes horribly wrong.
> https://people.torproject.org/~mikeperry/tbb-3.0alpha1-builds/official/

Translated text is not displayed in the Tor Network Settings dialogs and
the Tor Status dialog of tor-browser-linux32-3.0-alpha-1_nl.tar.xz and
(tor-browser-linux64-3.0-alpha-1_de.tar.xz and
tor-browser-linux64-3.0-alpha-1_en-US.tar.xz are fine).

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/NsUkVc8
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