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Re: [tor-talk] Secure email with limited usable metadata

I would think that simply finding a mail server that doesn't log
ANYTHING (like what StartMail is about to offer) and encrypting
everything should be enough. Of course, you'd need to trust that the
service really isn't logging anything but that could be solved by
accessing it via Tor.

So StartMail (when it opens) via Tor should do the trick.

Just a thought,

On 06/30/2013 10:52 AM, alice-tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> everyone is tooting about pgp these. pgp encryption doesnt solve the problem of tla surveillance. pgp encryption does not touch metadata (recipent, sender).
> how to secure mail communication?
> i was thinking about pointing the mx record of the tld to a mail server that is shared with other individuals. the server is configured to drop incoming non-tls smtp connection from other mail server. On a per account basis, every message that is not encrypted to the public pgp key of the address is dropped, too. users use pop3/smtp over a hidden server to download/send messages.
> what do you think? the setup is easy to maintain. if inbox size is limited to a few mbs any cheap vps thats like 20$ a year can be used to service hundreds of thousands of accounts. a trusted umbrella organization is needed to maintain the server as anonymity is increased by increasing users count. is the tor project or torservers.net interested in running such a service? i would literally pay money for that, so would others.
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