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Re: [tor-talk] Routing Jitsi through Tor

On 06/29/2013 09:34 AM, Van Gegel wrote:
> If you are using the latest TBB, try port 9150
> The better way is check SocksPort in torrc file
> But explained to how you are going to use the SMPP server and Jitsi? Do you want to transmit voice over Tor or via a direct connection?

Great! Thanks, I'll try that.
As for how I'm going to do XMPP over Jitsi, yes, I'm wanting to allow my
users to route *everything* about the session over Tor if they want to.
I'm trying to offer as near complete anonymity as I can, even from me.
So the deal is that Jitsi should route everything: session signaling
information, call information, even the peer to peer connections made
for voice and video calls, over Tor.

I'm not too sure about voice and video though. Since that's done in a
p2p way, I'm thinking maybe those *can't* be routed through Tor?


Anthony Papillion
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