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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Jumphost

On 14-06-11 04:23 AM, Wayland Morgan wrote:
>> 4) you trust the users ?
>> 5) you trust the websites they will visit ?
> Yes. I don't really want or need to know what sites they will be
> visiting and nightly rebuilds are a major success factor IMO with
> regards to this implementation. If I go the Windows route, I'd like put
> some restrictions in place in terms of TBB being the only choice of
> browser on the machine as well as restrict administrative activity to
> myself.
> Have you or anyone else tried something like this?

I havent tried RDP access but have helped other organizations such as
internet cafés and NGO service providers with public internet access.
There used to be cards you could insert into the pc that would reload
the system to an image on reboot.  Microsoft's Windows Steady State (a
software-based solution) wasnt immune to viruses, nor was system
restore.  For Tor users and their typically stricter privacy/security
requirements, once a day may not be enough - every session could be a
clean start.  Check your threat model etc...

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