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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Jumphost

How about just using Tails without persistence and asking users to
reboot every time they are done?

Am 11.06.14 14:03, schrieb krishna e bera:
> On 14-06-11 04:23 AM, Wayland Morgan wrote:
>>> 4) you trust the users ?
>>> 5) you trust the websites they will visit ?
>> Yes. I don't really want or need to know what sites they will be
>> visiting and nightly rebuilds are a major success factor IMO with
>> regards to this implementation. If I go the Windows route, I'd like put
>> some restrictions in place in terms of TBB being the only choice of
>> browser on the machine as well as restrict administrative activity to
>> myself.
>> Have you or anyone else tried something like this?
> I havent tried RDP access but have helped other organizations such as
> internet cafés and NGO service providers with public internet access.
> There used to be cards you could insert into the pc that would reload
> the system to an image on reboot.  Microsoft's Windows Steady State (a
> software-based solution) wasnt immune to viruses, nor was system
> restore.  For Tor users and their typically stricter privacy/security
> requirements, once a day may not be enough - every session could be a
> clean start.  Check your threat model etc...

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