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Re: [tor-talk] Non-free country law preventing Tor from getting donations

On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 03:52:05PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> > If Torproject ending it's close ties w/ U.S. military funding (by some
> > means) isn't important for it's reputation & appearance to the broader
> > internet community, I'm not sure what is.
> The code is open for inspection so it's not an overt issue, and the
> cash funds a lot of good research. Outright bribery or force "here's
> a million or an NSL/order, don't implement this", has a reasonably
> good chance of resulting in a sitdown protest closure of the project.
> So the only issue I see is covert, "here's a million, go research this
> (which might keep you too busy to discover or implement this other
> thing we don't like)". Yes, the US is a curious home for tor in these
> regards. Yet moving it someplace else will have a different set of
> pressures (though probably lesser), a different set of donors, coders,
> etc.

Ordinary people do not know this word "code" (especially open source). 
They believe that the piper calls the tune. And in fact it is very
difficult to argue with such a statement without falling into the
technical details ("code is open")
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