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Re: [tor-talk] Flash executables keep starting in background when using TBB

I'd still really like some help on finding what calls / causes the 2 flash .exe files to start in background. They're ALWAYS shown by Process Explorer, in the *same process tree - directly under TBB.*

Is there a way to determine / log, *if another process is calling* those 2 files, or if determine if TBB, or Flash, is calling the 2 files to start? Even though _no Flash vids are ever played_. Below - Some additional replies to previous comments.

On 6/16/2014 7:38 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
On 6/16/2014 7:02 PM, krishna e bera wrote:
On 14-06-16 03:17 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
In at least the last couple TBB versions, or longer, I've found
FlashPlayerPlugin_x.x.exe (latest *13_0_0_214.exe) running in background
- numerous times.
Actually, 2 instances of flash exe files are always shown running.

Biggest question is, what is Flash doing to Tor anonymity in these
cases.  Just because Flash isn't playing doesn't mean it's not
contacting someone, somewhere.
I rarely use Flash - I assume TBB *now comes w/ it installed?*
>"/Adobe Flashplayer has never come with TBB/."
OK, it probably gets installed in TBB, at same time as for regular Fx, but it's always automatically set to disabled in both. I can deal w/ that, or just remove it? each time Flash is updated. But *figuring out what's going on may lead to bug report for TBB.*

>"/Are you sure it isnt the ActiveX plugin that comes with MS-Windows? Or
>perhaps it got installed at the same time as you updated the flashplayer
>for Internet Explorer/?"
Yes, I'm sure.  Read comment on that - above & below.
   "/If not, your computer may be infected with a
fake flashplayer.  Many website ads offer them with a button that looks
deceptively like the download you may have wanted to click on, or even a
drive-by exploit/."
Doubt it seriously. Other scenarios mentioned are much more likely, plus nothing was detected.

*/No, I think it's more likely that if Flash plugin is installed for one
version of Fx, it gets installed for all versions of Fx./*

That may explain how it gets there, but not why it starts 2 flash
executables in background, when the plugin in TBB has always been, &
still is set at "Never Activate."
It's not like I'm temporarily activating the plugin, playing some Flash
vids, then forgetting to disable it.

As said, I never see the Flash files that run in background, being
*associated w/ regular Fx* - only TBB.  They're always listed under Tor
Browser - in Process Explorer window.
Has to be a bug?  If I catch the files running in background (as process
under TBB), then immediately check TBB plugins status - & it's still
disabled, how could that be?

Again, the same version Flash plugin is installed in regular Fx & those
2 Flash files *never start in background, under it.*

I (maybe) can just remove the plugin from TBB - I rarely use Flash. But
if I keep it in regular Fx - for emergencies - I'll have to keep
removing it in TBB.  Sometimes, I'll forget, cause I don't think of
plugins being installed in TBB.

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