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[tor-talk] Follow-up - Re: how to stream videos using Tor

I looked in more details what is doing youtube and how to stream it with the Tor Browser safely, first you must:

- make sure that flash is deactivated (default TBB setting)

- make sure that history and cookies are deactivated (Options/Privacy, default TBB setting), clear everything

- make sure that all types of local storages are deactivated, surprisingly it seems that there are no options in FF to block all types of local storage and the Tor browser allows to use localStorage, not allowing history seems to block some local storage but not always: about:config dom.storage.enabled false (and dom.indexedDB.enabled false, default TBB setting)

- personnaly I would clear (Options/Advanced/Network) and disable the cache completely about:config browser.cache.memory/disk.enable false

Not sure why the last two ones are not the default settings in TBB, maybe the Tor Button/noscript are doing something here but do not prevent youtube to use the localStorage (when noscript is temporarily disabled for example, see below, if you have some doubts you can check the localStorage from yt page using the web console: localStorage <enter> click on the object and display its properties, or use firebug DOM/window/localStorage).

This will force youtube to use the html5 player and make it difficult to fingerprint you, the get_video_info, get_video and videoplayback sequences do not send (for now) other information (like timezone, userid, etc) than the IP of the exit node, other tracking messages can probably not send a lot to fingerprint you.

Then you must temporarily allow the page with noscript.

With these settings youtube will provide an url for the video that will be streamed in the html5 video tag, when FF will support the Media Source Extensions API, adaptive streaming will apply to the video/audio like in Chrome.

As discussed earlier in this thread another alternative is to proxy VLC to Tor (localhost:9150) and stream the yt link, only the IP address of the exit node and the fact that you are using VLC (which can make it easy to fingerprint you) will be known.

Or use Peersm but unless there is an interest it is not foreseen for now to do specific changes to allow adaptive streaming from direct yt urls.

Le 04/06/2014 15:51, Aymeric Vitte a écrit :

Le 03/06/2014 16:29, nobody a écrit :
The website doesn't work for me. Javascript is completely enabled but I
can't insert any links or clicking on stream/download/upload.

These are demo buttons and input for links on the web site, only "click here to use it" button works and redirect you to the app, maybe we should change/clarify this.

Also http://peersm.com/peersm is complete blank.

Yes, thanks to advise, there was an unfortunate (and forgotten) end of May deadline for some old testing purposes, it's corrected.

I use the TBB 3.6.1-Linux

Aymeric Vitte:
You can use Peersm http://www.peersm.com (see the streaming demo video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVaE8UZzDlA and the starter links
http://www.peersm.com/?links-en) to stream/download anonymously from
Peersm or bittorrent networks or the web.

Even if not recommended for "normal" use you can use the TBB with Peersm
(I don't know what's the current FF version of the official TBB, you
need FF>=26 for Peersm, if not see http://www.peersm.com/?use-en)



Le 26/05/2014 07:06, John Henry a écrit :
I cannot stream videos using my Tor browser and I wondered if anyone
explain how that can be done.

Peersm : http://www.peersm.com
node-Tor : https://www.github.com/Ayms/node-Tor
GitHub : https://www.github.com/Ayms

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