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Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

On Sun, 29 Jun 2014 14:11:18 +0100
Mark McCarron <mark.mccarron@xxxxxxxxxx> allegedly wrote:

> Roger,
> I see that you were quite quiet whilst ad hominem attacks were being
> made against me.  But I will put that to one side for the moment.
> As you mentioned, there are legitimate worries, mainly that Tor and
> people like yourself have a conflict of interest.  The main funding
> appears to come from the US military.  It appears to many of us, that
> the software has been deliberately kept weak to traffic analysis to
> support US intelligence operations.  In fact, it seems to 'fit like a
> glove'.  Further, that the issue of traffic analysis has been
> discussed in convoluted terms as a means of keeping that way.  Hiding
> from traffic analysis is not rocket science, nor does it require
> endless reams of papers and speeches on packet obfuscation.
> Given that you are the head guy, I want to know what is going on?  If
> your reply consists of the stock answer, "well this is complex", keep
> in mind that I am a security specialist too and know that to be
> untrue.
> I don't mean to be confrontational in any way, but the credibility of
> this project is on the line here.

/breaking my own rule

"It appears to many of us" - who is this "us"? You don't speak for me,
nor apparently for many others on this list. 

And are you any relation to the Mark McCarron referenced at [1] and [2]?





(oh, and BTW, there is a difference between "effect" and "affect" -ref:
your email of 27 June @10:53:46)


 Mick Morgan
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