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Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

On 6/30/14, Mark McCarron <mark.mccarron@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Tor appears to be...

Mark, you may be right;
but you have provided NO THING to enable me to
verify ANY THING that you have said in THIS thread!

> no one makes any moves to correct the situation

So Mark, make a move already!!

Your finger pointing IS offensive!!

It's been said a few times now Mr McCarron - show us your code,
show us a paper, or draft, or at least give us something substantial
to talk about.

This is the do-ocracy. Competant finger-pointers are occasionally
useful, but it ought be obvious by now that you could have done
a better job at "wolf/canary-dead alert" flag raising.

FWIW, I agree with your premise that illegal dark-sites make a
good litmus/canary test for the health of Tor.

That's a new concept for me. Thank you for sharing it with us.

But Mark, time to step on up and show us how it ought be coded.
Lead the way to a better world! If you're right, and in any way
competant, you will surely be thanked by many.

> That pretty much tells everyone what they needed to know about Tor and its
> developers.

THAT is the kind of talk (without ANY positive action on your part)
that keeps getting YOU in trouble in this thread.

I recommend you start assuming good faith, show your true mettle,
and stop blaming those that doing something.

Something, is a DAMN sight more than your finger pointing.

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