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Re: (FWD) OS/X Installer

The installer appears to have been built from a client only perspective (which is what 99% of people need). The commands I was using to try to see what application was running on the ports (as well as the ps commands) did not show Tor running, but it had to have been operator error. :-) I confirmed with a a GUI tool (Activity Monitor, included in OS/X) that both Tor and Privoxy were running on the system so that confirms why I could not bring up an instance that had been configured as a server.

I was greatly confused by how the installer does it's thing on OS/X as some of its behavior didn't seem to follow what the torrc file suggested. Using the OS/X installer things are scattered all over the place and you have to enable the root user to get at certain files/directories. Part of the confusion is a lack of understanding what is supposed to go where on OS/X, but with Windows the program is under Program Files and data is under the Application Data directory so it is much simpler. I wish that the default location for everything (torrc, fingerprint, keys, logs, etc.) was in the same folder (or a subfolder) wherever the tor binary is located no matter what platform.

Adam Shostack wrote:

Tor ...96 works for me on 10.3.8

But I do notice that the default install on a mac does not filter
user-agent.  This is probably a good thing; it helps bad web sites
work, but maybe document it?