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Re: (FWD) OS/X Installer

On Sat, Mar 26, 2005 at 12:11:52PM -0500, Eddie wrote:
> I was greatly confused by how the installer does it's thing on OS/X as 
> some of its behavior didn't seem to follow what the torrc file 
> suggested.  Using the OS/X installer things are scattered all over the 
> place and you have to enable the root user to get at certain 
> files/directories.  Part of the confusion is a lack of understanding 
> what is supposed to go where on OS/X, but with Windows the program is 
> under Program Files and data is under the Application Data directory so 
> it is much simpler.  I wish that the default location for everything 
> (torrc, fingerprint, keys, logs, etc.) was in the same folder (or a 
> subfolder) wherever the tor binary is located no matter what platform.

Right now, the OS X installer sticks all of the Tor stuff in
/Library/Tor, and Privoxy installs into /Library/Privoxy.  We create
symlinks from /usr/bin, /usr/man, and /var/log as appropriate.  This
is, I'm told, how OS X expects me to do stuff.  When I was installing
stuff into /usr, Mac people told me that was wrong, and that packages
shouldn't do that.

I've changed the default torrc.sample to mention where to find torrc
on Mac OS X.  If there's anything else specific that we should change,
please let us know, especially if you can point to specific places in
the documentation that should be different, or files that we are
putting in the wrong place.

Thanks for your help,
Nick Mathewson

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