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Re: (FWD) OS/X Installer

On Sat, Mar 26, 2005 at 10:49:39AM -0500, Adam Shostack wrote:
> Tor ...96 works for me on 10.3.8
> But I do notice that the default install on a mac does not filter
> user-agent.  This is probably a good thing; it helps bad web sites
> work, but maybe document it?

Good idea!  You should write an entry for the Wiki faq at


(It isn't Tor's job to filter HTTP headers; Privoxy does that.  The
privoxy file that ships with Tor on OS X is the default, modified
minimally to use Tor.  If you want to submit recipes to make Privoxy
do what you want, that would be great too.)

Nick Mathewson

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