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Re: torcp problem

On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 05:52:28PM -0700, evb wrote:
> So the "ORPort" in torrc and the "Control Port" in the GUI should be
> the same port?  I set them both to 7001, restarted--the onion had a
> red/white check on it for a sec, then it went back to an onion with no
> check.  I tested the browser and no connection.  Or did I
> misunderstand?

ORPort is the port on which Tor listens for new OR connections (this is
the Tor data plane).

ControlPort is the port on which Tor listens for new controller
connections (e.g. connections from TorCP).

I believe that the socket accepting OR connections binds to by
default, in which case it MUST NOT have the same value as ControlPort.
Also, the ControlPort specified in torrc MUST match what TorCP thinks
that it is.


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